About Us
Little about us, we are a husband and wife
team. We have 6 children. As a husband
and wife team we do many things together.
Besides raising our children we enjoy
hobbies such as Dog showing and working
on our horse farm.

What to Expect

Expect to have fun and be yourself. We
might ask you to do silly things to break the
ice and create connections with you/ and
your family.  We might do silly things
ourselves. Most importantly we want you to
have a wonderful photographic experience.
This means feel free to tell us what you
might want and we will do our best to
capture those moments.

We will contact you before your session
and go over the details of what we are
going to photograph. We require a deposit
upon booking or at least 2 wks before the

Your session will take place on “location”
that is the location of your choice. We are a
natural light photographer which means we
use the light that God gives us and we love
the feel of photos taken outdoors. Best time
for a session is mid morning or mid
afternoon but if  we have the right shady
spot anytime of day is fine.

Studio Sessions

We do offer studio/indoor sessions upon
request. This can either be done at our
home or  yours
Our approach to photography is modern, fresh
and fun. We don’t like anything to posed or
stuffy. We want you to enjoy the day and allow us
to capture those moments that you will cherish for
a lifetime. We take all of the time that is needed
to capture those “right” moments. We will give
you 110 percent to make sure we capture the
best possible images for you. Once we are done
with the session we will notify you and allow you
to see a sneak preview of some of your photos.
Then in  about 2 wks we show you the proofs and
go over the paper samples, explain the
packages, and answer any questions you may
have. If you place your order within 3 days of
your viewing appointment, we offer one  free print
which can either be 8x10, 5x7 or wallets You’ll
receive your prints back in about 2 weeks. As an
added bonus, those who qualify for the Prompt
Ordering Discount will also receive 5 free web-
sized for use on Facebook or Myspace.
Every session we do is unique and individually
designed for each client. Your final session
images are hand picked, individually and
artistically retouched and edited. This individual
editing process is where your portraits go from
ordinary to extraordinary works of art, as we
meticulously polish each image in order to
provide the highest quality custom photography

All images on CD remain the copyright of Inspirational
Moments Photography. Session CDs come with a print
authorization and recommendations. We wish to have
complete control over the final look of our clients'
images. Therefore, altering the images in any way
including extreme cropping, editing or distorting them
is strictly prohibited.]
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