I will be adding new photos when I get them please check back.
Newborns:  Precious little ones photograph
best in their birthday suit or simply a diaper.  
The best time to shoot a newborn is in the
first 2 weeks of life.  Parents- come prepared
to be a "prop" for your child.  The focus of
the portrait will be of your precious one, but
some times little ones need mom or dads
touch to feel comfortable.  Please wear all
black to help blend into the background for
these shots.  Feel free to bring additional
clothing for family portraits.

Infant/Toddlers/Children:  For older infants
and toddlers simple is best.  Denim, overalls,
soft flowing material for dresses.  
What Shall they wear

Our session will last any where
from 1-3 hours depending on
the location as well as the
number of people.  Young
Children and Newborn sessions
can run up to 3 hours due to
feedings, diaper changes and
other needed breaks.  It is my
goal to make this photo shoot a
positive and comfortable
experience for everyone