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Photos by Tammy Patnode
Below are photos that I took with my old camera. They are not as clear as it was not a
professional camera but wanted to add them so viewers could see the type of photos
that could be taken. Wish I had my new camera back then..
I will be adding new photos when I get them please check back.

Our session will last any where from 1-2 hours depending on the location as well as the number of people.  It is our
goal to offer all of our clients a casual and relaxed experience.  You will not be rushed if your child needs to be fed
or changed.  

We tend to be very minimal when it comes to props; however, if there is a special item that you are looking to add
to your portrait, please feel free to bring it along.  Our focus is YOU and bringing in a lot of props takes away from

What ever shall I wear?

We encourage simple clothing.  Denim, Khaki and neutral colors work best.  While bright vivid patterns look
adorable, it can be a distraction in your portraits.

We recommend that everyone wears similar clothing in similar shades.  This helps to make the group appear
unified and reduces any distraction that 'clashing' clothing may cause.  Please avoid busy patterns, stripes, loud
colors, etc.  If you need suggestions please feel free to ask!