Welcome To our home on the web. We are a small hobby breeder. We are dedicated
in producing outstanding quality akitas that are to the akita Standard with
temperaments that can be trusted. Our lines are concentrated on the well known
Outstanding Regalia Akita Lines. We take great pride in our Hobby. Please take a
moment to get to know our dogs and to learn more about us. To email us contact us
All contents within this website are the sole
property of Orients Pride Akitas. No material
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For updates on upcoming breedings or
what will be available please contact us.
If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel we require a deposit letter to be
filled out and also a
contract must be signed or we will not place any puppy.
This is to protect  both owner and breeder.
Flat Rock Acres
Last updated 12/3/2011
Breeding due in Dec 2011
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