We are a small hobby kennel located in upstate New York.  All of our dogs are raised with our family and always around our children. We have been owned by Akitas since 1991 when we got our first pet Akita named Keanew. Little did we know how much of an impact on us they would be. As a young child I have always wanted to show dogs, so finally when I could chose the dog I wanted and buy one we decided to purchase our first show dog... Yukon. I finished his Canadian Championship first as we are very close to the Canadian border. I also put 6 American points on him. At about 15 months old Yukon started showing signs of aggression. We talked to his breeder who unfortunately was no help. We also talked to several trainers and after thinking long and hard  we knew what we had to do. We tried everything we could to see why he was like this but with young children always around we know what we did was the best  thing. I was very devastated as he was my boy.

After some healing time and doing better research on a good breeder with good temperaments I decided to purchase our next show dog which was our lovely girl Scenic. I finished her Canadian championship and put 8 American points on her but she just didn't like the show ring. She just wanted to be the queen and do her own thing. Since she didn't like showing and you could tell by how she was in the ring.... looking for the exit we decided to retire her from showing and just allow her to be a mom. We planned her first breeding with Wizard and she had 6 beautiful puppies. 3 of which are our girl Sassy, Rudy and Borus.  We couldn't be anymore happier with our girl Scenic as she gave us our beautiful girl Sassy and handsome boy Rudy. Sassy easily finished her American and Canadian championship. What a way to finish our first champion then to be our own home bred girl. It was a great feeling. I could go on but that is how we first started in this great breed.

Our breeding ethics

At Orients Pride Akita's we are constantly striving to not only breeding the BEST Akitas that we can but are also devoted in producing akitas with EXCELLENT temperaments, good health, sound in mind and body and are also correct in conformation.

We carefully plan each breeding on not just great akitas but akitas with sweet disposition, soundness, good health, correct conformation and well known proven lines. We do not breed any akita unless it has had its health clearances. We feel this is a good start on the foundation of our breeding program. If they don't pass, have an excellent temperament and breed type they aren't bred. Each home is carefully screened to make sure that they can provide the right home for one of our akita puppies. We are dedicated to the education of our breed and are always here for continue support after the placement of our pups. As a friend of mine has said and I believe the same thing " from womb to tomb". Simple as that! They are apart of my life and are like my kids.

We are honest about our ethics, breeding program and who we are that make up Orients Pride Akitas. We have EXCELLENT references. Even better come visit us so you get to know us and our dogs and judge for yourself. We are honest about what we show. We will not show a dog that we feel isn't to the AKC Akita Standard. There are many out there that claim they have show dogs and yes they will finish them through professional handlers but can they honestly say that what they are always showing is a show dog and to the Akita Standard. We do not want to be kennel blind. These dogs are our future. If we can't be honest with ourselves who can we be honest with. I am very proud to stay what I have shown was and is on good merit. Just look at our dogs.

We hope while visiting our site that you can learn all about us, our dogs and this great loving breed. Akitas are not a breed for everyone but we as dedicated breeders are trying to make them so they are a well adjusted, good  tempered dog that most can live with. Please do your homework before purchasing an akita to make sure they are a breed you want as it takes a lot of time, dedication and understanding to make this bred the great dog they can be!


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by phone 518-483-8788 or easier by email orientsprideakitas@yahoo.com  



Tammy and Randy Patnode




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