Orients Pride Akita’s

"Pet Quality Puppy Contract"

Current pet contract for 

Dam:______________X Sire:____________ breeding

156 Flat Rock Road

Malone, New York 12953

E-mail:  orientsprideakitas@yahoo.com


This agreement, made this _____ day of ______________, 200___, is between Tammy Patnode

("seller") and _______________________________________________



Phone _______________________ ("Buyer"). Seller and Buyer are collectively referred to herein

as the "Parties."



Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller a Companion Quality Dog "Pet quality" (referred to

hereafter as the "Dog") of the following description:

Date of Birth:_______ Color:______________________ Sex:________

Sire: (___________________________)   ""

Dam: (_____________________________); quot;

Microchip #____________________________________________________________

(Note: microchip will be registered in new owners name and Orients Pride Akita’s as second contact



Purchase price of this Dog is ____________ ($____) as it is an excellent quality pet puppy with full guarantee as stated below.

Seller has already received a deposit of $__________ the balance remaining is $________, which is due two weeks before the puppy is to go home.

.If a deposit has been placed on a puppy it is non-refundable. Buyer fully knows this by signing below.



A. Seller certifies that the Dog is in good health, is appropriately vaccinated, and has been

treated for parasites. Buyer may return the Dog for a full refund of the purchase price or replacement at seller’s discretion within

48 hours of receipt. Refund or replacement will only be granted if dog/puppy returns to Orients Pride Kennel in the condition it left our kennel. Within this time period, Buyer must have the Dog examined by a


B. American Kennel Club registration papers shall be transferred to Buyer within 30 days of

delivery of the Dog or when seller receives them from AKC. The Dog shall have a Limited Registration.

C. Seller shall provide Buyer with any advice or assistance pertinent to the care, feeding,

grooming, training, etc. of the Dog upon request from Buyer.

 D.       Buyer agrees as follows:

1. Buyer shall provide complete Veterinary care for the Dog, including regular immunizations and

health checkups by a licensed Veterinarian, at the Buyer's expense.

2. Buyer agrees to maintain the Dog on a monthly or daily heartworm preventative throughout

the Dog's life. (In applicable areas)

3. Buyer shall insure that the Dog is fed a premium quality dog food.

4. Buyer shall keep the Dog as a house Dog with a properly fenced yard (4 feet or higher) or in

a kennel run with proper housing. Buyer agrees that at NO time will the Dog be chained or

allowed to run free outside of a confined area.

5. Buyer shall attend at least one beginner's obedience class of at least six weeks duration. Buyer

will also socialize Dog among people and other animals.

6. Buyer agrees the Dog will not be bred and will be spayed/neutered at no later then six (6)months of age. Buyer shall provide a Veterinary Certificate of sterilization to Seller within 2 weeks of the surgery. Also if this dog is every bred for any reason whether it be planned or accidental this contract is Void and dog will not be guaranteed. Buyer subject to contract Void fee which is $1,000.

7. Buyer shall keep Seller informed about the Dog's progress in activities and general health.

8. Buyer agrees to pay all of Seller's court costs, legal fees (including reasonable attorney's fees)

incurred by Seller while enforcing this contract.

9. Between the ages of 2 and 3 years Buyer shall have the dogs hips x-rayed for the purpose of

analysis by the OFA not your vet. Such evaluation shall be submitted to Seller within ten (10) days of


10. First part of AKC registration name will be Orients Pride we will no guarantee the puppy.


Seller shall refund to buyer Twenty five Dollars ($25) for each of the following:

1. Certificate of spay/neuter

2. Completion of any six-week obedience class, to include puppy socialization classes. Buyer

must provide Seller with Graduation Certificate signed and dated by class instructor.

3. Any obedience title earned by the Dog as evidenced by a certificate of award from an official

sanctioning organization. Seller must receive proof of such award within 30 days of


4. Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) awards.



A. Seller guarantees the following:

1. If at 2-3 years of age dog is found to have a crippling disease, which makes the animal unsuitable as a "pet", will replace with another akita puppy of equal value when one becomes available.No cash refund only a replacement. We try our best as reputable breeders to eliminate hereditory problems but like all living creatures problems still can come up.

2. The Dog is free of any genetic eye disorder that would render it blind before the age of 4


3. The Dog will be free of genetic disease that would preclude its living an otherwise normal and

healthy life.

A. If Buyer should be unable to keep the Dog, Buyer MUST return the Dog at Buyers expense

and transfer its registration papers to Seller.  

 Buyer is not to place dog in another home without written permission

from Seller. If the Dog is placed in a mutually agreeable home, Buyer shall furnish Seller the

name, address, and telephone number of the new Owner.

Seller reserves the right to have a second veterinarian of their choice evaluate the Dog's condition

before honoring the guarantee.


Any changes or additional terms to this Sales Contract must be made in the form of an Addendum

and signed by all Parties.


If any provision of this Sales Contract is or becomes void or unenforceable by force of operation of

law, the other provision shall remain valid and enforceable and subject to a fee of $1,000.


Both Parties agree that the law of the State of New York shall apply to this Sales Contract

and that this Sales Contract shall be enforceable in Malone, New York.



The Parties agree that it is difficult to accurately calculate actual damages for breach of this

Contract. The Parties agree that in the event that Buyer breaches any term of this contract,

Buyer shall pay Seller One Thousand Dollars ($1000.) in damages in addition to the return of

the Dog plus any legal fees and costs associated in the enforcement of this agreement. The

parties agree that this amount of liquidated damages is reasonable and not punitive in any


The undersigned have read and understood this Sales Contract and agree to the terms and

conditions set forth herein.

Buyer: ______________________________Date: _____________________________

Buyer: ______________________________Date: _____________________________

Seller: ______________________________Date: _____________________________

Tammy Patnode Orients Pride Akita’s

156 Flat Rock Road.

Malone, NY 12953