Puppy Purchasing

Below you will find a letter explaining a little about us and how to go about purchasing one of our Akita
puppies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Orients Pride Akita’s is a small hobby kennel established in 1991, dedicated to breeding dogs who are both
mentally and physically sound, who have friendly, trustworthy personalities, who are also typy specimens of the
breed. Our first Akita  puppy that we purchased as a pet was the start of it all. Little did we know we would be
hooked for life. He now lives near Toronto Canada. I have always wanted to show and thought I would try to
figure out how to go about doing it. That is when I purchased my first show dog. We are very proud that
amateur/owner-handling dogs of our breeding have attained titles and all on good merit. We know that any
dog can get a championship title if handled by a professional handler. We believe that only the Akitas that are
to the BEST Akita standard get shown. We have had many new owner/handle puppy owners that have shown
and finished their akitas from our kennel. That we feel makes us very proud.

We believe it is extremely important to produce healthy, trouble-free pups for the show and pet homes. Our
breeding stock is carefully screened for genetic problems. Our dogs are all cleared for hip dysplasia, elbow
dysplasia by the orthopedic foundation for animals (OFA) at 2 years of age. Eye exams are conducted
annually by an ophthalmologist. We also keep informed of any genetic developments, which emerge, in our
breed. Good sound temperaments; sound structure, health and excellent breed type are imperative for all
dogs in our breeding program and we except nothing less..

We breed only one or two litters a year, each carefully and lovingly raised in the house. The pups get lots of
care and attention and are well socialized with our children by the time they leave here for their new homes. A
good foundation is laid for whatever future endeavor lies ahead of each pup. We strongly believe that a puppy
that has been handled by children at a young age become more well mannered individuals as adults and
adjust much better than a puppy that hasn't. Why we know this is that we have closely studied different litters
to see if this is possibly true and we do believe it is. We have lots of references that can give you on the
temperaments of our dogs and puppies we have produced.

The Akita is a very unique and wonderful dog. Loving and loyal, protective, intelligent, inquisitive and
independent. However they are not for everyone and a lot of care is taken to screen potential owners and to
educate them on the pros and cons of the breed. We try to assure the personality of each pup and to match it
to his new owner. It is of the utmost importance that each new owner of one of our pups is completely happy
with him because buying a pup is a lifetime commitment to that dog. Our dogs live long healthy lives and we
want them as well as their owners to be happy too. Please feel free to contact some of our Puppy owners as
they will be happy to give you information about their experience with an Orients Pride Akita puppy.

All puppies are wormed as advised, and vaccinated  before they leave our kennel.  At 7 weeks of age we run a
temperament test on each one of the puppies and each are graded on how they accept situations. A copy of
this test will accompany the puppy’s papers when they go to their new home. At 8 weeks we evaluate the litter
to see who might make it as a show potential puppy and who we think would make a better pet puppy. When
we take photos of the pups we ask for no one to get excited about any particular puppy as we place our
puppies in the order that the deposits were received also the type of puppy temperament might not match the
home situation.


Pet puppies:

Are healthy and functional sound. They are sold on a spay/ neuter agreement on a limited Registration as we
are concerned with the overpopulation and we know neutered dogs are healthier and make better pets.

Our pet prices are $1,200 to $1,500 depending on the breeding that has taken place.  Pet quality puppies at
OPA are just as high in quality in good health, sound body and temperaments as are show quality puppies.
They may not be as close to "perfection" as show quality pups appear at such an early age but often the
differences are very hard to distinguish. Some things that might classify a puppy to being a pet puppy is  
Sometimes show quality pups are sold as pets simply because there are not’t enough good quality "show"
homes to place one of our puppies in. We require a $250.00 Deposit to hold a pet puppy in your name which
is non-refundable.


Show puppies:

Are Healthy and functional sound. Health warranty plus hips, eyes, knees and disqualifying faults are
warranted up until three years of age which at that time we expect the buyers to have all the health test done
like OFA the hip and having their eyes cerf’d. If found that they don’t pass these test at the age of 3 years old,
a replacement puppy of equal value when one becomes available will be given after the proof of
spaying/neutering of the dog in question. Copy must be send to us.

On Some pups Co-ownerships might be required until terms of contract are fulfilled.

Price for show potential  pups are  $1,800.00 and up depending on the pick and the breeding involved or if a
co-ownership is considered. One or two pups back may also be required on females.

We require that our kennel name is the first word on the AKC registration papers.

A deposit of $350.00 is required to hold your reservation for a pup. This is non-refundable but can be applied
toward another pup from another litter at our kennel. Deposit Letter

Below are links where you will find our contracts for the current litter we might have available. The contracts will
state the parents of the pups so that you will know what the price of the puppies are from that litter. Our
Questionnaire is can also be found. This is so we can get to know you and to place the right puppy with each

Puppy contracts for the current litter that we have. Pet quality   and  Show quality  If  you are still interested in
purchasing one of our puppies please fill out the questionnaire form, copy  and send it to us using the address
below as the submit form isn't working at this time.
If you place a deposit on a future litter it is up to you to keep in contact with us. The best way to keep in
contact with us is email as I have teenagers and alot of times I do not get my messages from them.

If you have any further questions about our kennel please feel free to email us at orientsprideakitas@yahoo.
com  .

Thank you,

Tammy and Randy Patnode

Orients Pride Akita’s
How to Purchase a puppy from our kennel