Cleo, Chloe, and Zoe (2024)

Cleo, Chloe and Zoe are three mermaids that appear in the animated TV series The New Adventures of Peter Pan.


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They don't make friends with anyone else and spend their time alone. The water in which they live is enchanted and would turn any who touches it evil. They care deeply about their home but have a great desire to rule all of Neverland.


"Girl Power"[]

Two mermaids try to lure Wendy into the water but she refuses, well aware of their motives. Tinkerbell pesters Wendy and the latter accidentally hits her, sending the fairy falling. One mermaid, seeing the fairy's fall, wastes no time in trying to drag her under. However, Wendy catches Tinkerbell before she hits the water. The mermaid swims away.

"Peter's Choice"[]

The mermaids are instrumental in Hook's latest if flawed, plan. The pirates capture Wendy and Tinkerbell and held them in two cages suspended over the Mermaids' Lagoon. Hook's plan is to make Peter choose which girl to save. If one cage is opened, the other one falls into the mermaids' clutches and becomes evil. The point of the plan was to make Peter grow up to make the choice but he has to make his choice quickly before the tide comes in and the mermaids grab the girls. Peter and Wendy use the mermaids' anger to save them by giving him his choice. He says that the girl who falls into the lagoon will make one of them a big loser. Peter cuts the ropes that hold the cages but the two mermaids hold the cages before they can fall into the water. While the mermaids fight, Peter unlocks the cages and frees his friends.


Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Tiger Lily set out to gather ingredients for a potion to save Neverland. One of the ingredients is water from the Mermaids' Lagoon. Wendy and Peter distract the mermaids but the blue mermaid notices Tiger Lily taking some water and swims in to attack. The princess manages to leap out of the way before the mermaid can catch her.

"Copy Cat"[]

The mermaids tricked Michael, the lost kids, and the pirates into drinking their water to turn them all evil under their control so they can take over the island. They are eventually stopped by Peter and his friends.

"The water fairy"[]

The mermaids are placing rocks around their lagoon so they don't lose their home. When they heard that John and Michael were going to find the water fairy, they offered to help, but they thought it was a lie. Suddenly, Hook and his pirates captured them with a bamboo cage, and as a last resort, Cleo kissed Michael to turn him into a fish for him to search for the water fairy.

Meanwhile they and John, being trapped, saw the shadow of the monster, luckily Peter cut the ropes of the cage and managed to free them. Once the water problem was solved, the mermaids were happy that the water level rose again, but suddenly Cleo remembered that if Michael had already fulfilled his mission, they should return him to normal, So Zoe sent him a blown kiss to Michael to get him back to normal.


Despite their innocent and lovely appearance, they are dangerous, devious creatures who should not be taken likely. They're very tricky and will grab anyone who comes to their lagoon.

In the episode "The water fairy", It's revealed they really care about their home as they are willing to help John and Michael to save it.

Physical appearance[]

They have beautiful appearances with the colorful tails of tropical fish.

Cleo, Chloe, and Zoe (1)


HAIR: Her hair is long blue hair, adorned with 2 corals and oysters on both sides of her head.

SKIN: Her skin is color fair, her eyes are yellow, and her eyelids and lips are pink.

CLOTHES: Her breasts are covered with two blue starfish, and has 2 vines crossed in an X on his waist.

TAIL: Her tail is red with green.

ACCESSORIES: She wears a necklace made with a white rope, two jades and a light blue shell in the center; she wears a bracelet made of pink and white shells on her left hand; while in the other hand she has another bracelet made with a vine and jades.

Cleo, Chloe, and Zoe (2)


HAIR: She has long orange hair decorated with a blue oyster ribbon

SKIN: Her eyes are light blue, her eyelids are coral, her lips are pink, and her skin is light.

CLOTHES: Her breasts are covered with two orange oysters and at her waist she carries a vine decorated with shells and flowers.

TAIL: Her tail is light blue with orange.

ACCESSORIES: On her neck she wears a necklace made of a yellow snail tied with a brown ribbon; in her hands she wears white and blue shell bracelets

Cleo, Chloe, and Zoe (3)


HAIR: She has medium-length chocolate brown hair, It is adorned with two white oysters and seaweed

SKIN: her eyes are green, her eyelids are made up in purple, her skin is brown, and her lips are pink.

CLOTHES: Her breasts are covered with light blue oysters, and at her waist she has two crossed seaweed in the shape of an X

TAIL: Her tail is light blue with white.

ACCESSORIES: She wears a white necklace with a blue pearl in the center around her neck, in her hands she wears seaweed and shell bracelets.

CURIOSITIES: Her ears look like an elf.

Powers and abilities[]

Mermaids, being mythological beings, have magical powers. They have appreciated many of his powers throughout the series, which are:

  • Magic water: In the episode "Copy cat", the waters of their lagoon can turn anyone who drinks or touches it evil and make them slaves to the mermaids. If they control enough souls, the waters of their lagoon will rise and all of Neverland will sink beneath the waves, allowing the mermaids to rule. The only way to return the victim to normal is to spray them with a mixture of pond water and pixie dust.
  • Super strength: In the episode "Peter's Choice" it shows that they are stronger than any mortal, since they can lift a metal cage with a girl inside or a rock.
  • Transforming kiss: In the episode "The water fairy" her kiss can turn a person into a fish. Only a mermaid's blown kiss can reverse the spell.
  • Enchanted lianas: In the episode "Copy cat", The mermaids can also spell vines to grab their victims, which they used on Wendy.

the cartoonists thought they would remove some of his natural powers:

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Cleo, Chloe, and Zoe (2024)


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