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2323Stearns-Matic (1968) concrete block machine with Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer, Columbia UL26 loader/unloader, Lithibar cuber, Lithibar 4-way splitter, 25 Stearns mold boxes, racks, pallets.
2135Bergen 2000 (1973): 5 @ time, Beco ABC system w/many new rails, Con-e-co 3 yd. pan mixer, 5,500 (18 1/2 x 42 1/2 x 7/16) pallets (many are new), 10 complete molds and spare parts; will
3434Besser V3-12 (1964): concrete block machine Praschak 54 cu. ft. mixer (direct drive), EV automation, SF-4 cuber with PLC controls, racks, 2,500 pallets.
3243Besser V3-12 (1969): Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer w/moisture probe, loader/unloader, Besser SF-5 cuber, 160 racks, 4,400 pallets, fifteen used Besser building block molds
3241Besser V3-12: concrete block machine. Paco spade loader/unloader, Paco cuber, Stearns 50 cu. ft. mixer, ten Dynco block molds.
1256Besser V3-12: upgraded with Bescodyne drive, 50′ mixer & skip, Model E loader/unloader with PLC, star turnover, depalleter, AFC1-B cuber with single turntable. No molds or racks.
1356Besser V3-12B (1979) Besser spade loader/unloader with rack transfer car system, Besser 80 cu. ft. concrete spiral blade mixer and skip hoist, Lithibar push off and 3 turntables, pallets, no turnover or cuber
1657Besser V3-12D (1978): Bescodyne drive, EV loader/unloader, SF-7 cuber with AF-4 automation, Besser Trail-A-Rail, Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer and skip hoist, no molds
5476Besser V3-12E (1977) concrete block machine.: dual cams, Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer w/moisture probe, Besser spade loader/unloader, cuber w/new PLC control, 50 racks, 5,400 pallets
7324Besser V3-12F (1991) concrete block equipment: Besser spade loader/unloader (1998), Lithibar semi-automatic cuber (1992); no mixer, molds, pallets, racks
4321Besser V3-R (1959):block machine. Besser 50 cu. ft. mixer (newly reconditioned) and skip hoist, loader/unloader, 66 racks, 1,800 pallets, no cuber
4354Besser V3-12F (1991): Besser spade loader/unloader (1998), Lithibar semi-automatic cuber (1992); Besser 108 cu ft concrete mixer, Besser molds, pallets, racks.
5467Besser V3-R (1959): concrete block equipment. Besser 50 cu. ft. mixer (newly reconditioned) and skip hoist, loader/unloader, 66 racks, 1,800 pallets, no cuber.
8754Columbia Model 22 concrete block machine. Includes racks and 2000 production pallets.
3421Besser V3-R (1970): Besser 50 cu. ft. mixer, Besser ER loader/unloader, clamp turnover, Besser SF-5 cuber with one pattern maker, 2,700 pallets, 100 racks, CS Johnson batching equipment.
4523Besser V3-R: block machine. Besser 108 cu. ft. concrete mixer.
7896Besser V3-R: with Bescodyne drive (1989), pin guidance & dual cams; 81 ft. Besser concrete mixer & skip hoist, spade, clamp turnover, cuber, concrete batching and mixing controls, 6″ & 8″ Besser molds. Racks, pallets, bins & Standley Batch cement silo.
4578Columbia model 1600 (1986): PTS system, 108 cu. ft. cement mixer, Model 8 cuber w/turntable & pallet ejector, 924 splitter, Johnson Cure-Pak, belts, mold boxes, more!!
1278Columbia Model 10AC12 block machine (1984), 1664 Pallets 18 x 22 x 1/4 in good condition, Columbia building block molds 4”-6”-8”-10” and 12” inch molds.
5665Columbia Model CPM 60 block (1997) machine with updated control package.
1254Columbia Model CPM 50 block machine (1994). Complete with Columbia block molds, loader system and Columbia cuber.
9876CPM 40 Columbia Model block machine. Equipment complete with updated controls.
3223Columbia Model CPM30 block machine. Columbia UL26 loader/unloader, Besser mixer, Columbia Model 100 cuber, pallet injector, old style pallet return, new control panel (Panel Mate), clamp turnover and push off.
2134Columbia Model CPM40 block machine. PTS system, 108 cu. ft. cement mixer, Model 8 cuber with turntable & pallet ejector, 924 splitter, Johnson Cure-Pak, belts.
3213Columbia Model CPM50 (1998) Concrete equipment complete with updated controls and 2800 used production pallets.
3241Columbia Model 1600 (1994) updated panel, Columbia mixer, Columbia rack system, Columbia cuber, pallets, molds.
3211Columbia Model 16HF concrete block machine. Columbia UL26 loader/unloader, Besser concrete mixer, Columbia cuber, pallet injector, old style pallet return, new control panel (Panel Mate), clamp turnover and push off.
2111Columbia’s Model 21 plant. (1991): hydrostatic drive, updated panel, Columbia loader/unloader, Columbia 81 cu. ft. mixer, Columbia rack system, Columbia cuber, pallets, molds.
3212Columbia Model 15 concrete block machine. (2006) Plant is capable of producing a variety of products including cement blocks, bricks, paving stones and more. Includes a Columbia 40 cu ft concrete mixer, mud belt, semi-automatic moisture control. Never installed.
3223Columbia Model 16H3F: new cylinder, new greased vibrator shaft, new pallet table, Praschak 75 cu. ft. mixer and skip, Beco ABC system, no cuber, pallets, molds.
3232Columbia Model 16HF (1975) concrete block machine.: Columbia UL26 loader/unloader, Besser 60 cu ft mixer, Columbia Model 100 cuber, pallet injector, old style pallet return, new control panel (Panel Mate), clamp turnover and push off.
1212Columbia Model 16HF (1981) block machine: Columbia loader/unloader with new valves and rack conveyor, Columbia cuber, Columbia 81 cu. ft. mixer.
2323Columbia CPM 30 concrete block machine. PTS system, 108 cu. ft. cement mixer, Model 8 cuber with turntable & pallet ejector, Columbia 924 splitter, Johnson Cure-Pak, belts.
2321Columbia Model 16HF concrete block machine (1984): 54′ mixer, skip hoist, UL-26 loader- unloader, clamp turnover, Lithibar splitter and fully automatic cuber (1989) with pallet injector, 17 molds, and 2,000 pallets.
3432Columbia Model 16S31C (1971): concrete block equipment. Kiln-matic 101, depalleter, double star turnover, Praschak 81 cu. ft. mixer (1984), Mix Mizer, all conveyors.
3321Columbia Model 22 block machine. (1971): old style control panel. Comes with Teka 500 liter mixer; conveyor (18″ x 22′).
3232Columbia Model 50 (1987): PTS system w/loader/unloader (1978), cuber, cleaner & oiler, 108 cu. ft. mixer (1976), hydrostatic drive, 1-2 mold boxes, 3,500 pallets.
2132Go-Corp: (1979)Trustee block machine. Columbia 60 cu. ft. mixer, cuber, loader/unloader, rack conveyor, depalleter, conveyors; will split items for sale.
3233Omag–Tronic 120/60 block line (1988). Reconditioned with updated controls.
1211Stearns-Matic (1968) concrete machine: Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer, Columbia UL26 loader/unloader, Lithibar cuber, Lithibar 4-way splitter, 25 Besser mold boxes.
2113Besser Bescopac (1990): upgraded to SLC 5/02 panel, manual off-bearer (2002), Columbia splitter, steam generator, 2,100 pallets, racks, molds, Wiggert mixing and batch plant (2002) including planetary Wiggert apgm mixer.
2111Columbia Model 22S concrete block machine. (1978): loader/unloader/rack conveyor (1971), pallet oiler and scraper, 42 cu. ft. mixer, Model 100 cuber (1982), Model 24ARB splitter, home- made grinder, pallets, racks.
1123Besser Dynapac block machine. package (1987) concrete block machine–excellent condition, bescodyne drives on vibrators and main shaft.
1023Columbia Model 10 concrete block machine. (1987) Includes racks and 3000 production pallets.
2331Besser Dynapac concrete block machine equipment. Includes: 1988 Dynapac, 1988 Bessermatic loader/unloader spade type, 1988 Besser Depalleter/turnover, 1991 Besser AF-7 cuber w/ two turntables tier clamps and conveyor, 1965 Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer, 2004 EZ batch control.
1002Columbia Model 16 concrete block machine plant. (1989) Includes: Columbia model 16 block machine (pit model), Columbia 65 cu. ft. mixer, loader unloader model #307-92-1, Columbia 924 splitter, Columbia cuber model #3-13-19, Columbia rack transfer model #334-1-3-7-1, 4,000- 5,000 pallets, 54 racks, 4 bay 7 tier 2 deep, bucket elevator, bins and misc. items. 965 Columbia Model 1600 concrete block machine plant. Includes: Columbia Model 1600 concrete block machine.Columbia 4 at a time loader/unloader, Columbia Track –A–Rack System, Columbia pallet turnover, Columbia depalleter and clamp turnover, pallet scraper and racks some are 1 year old shelf spacing is 10 1/2″. All equipment currently running.
2310Columbia Model 22 concrete block machine (1997): Columbia UL-20 loader/unloader, Columbia 54 cu. ft. mixer, Columbia Model 100 cuber, pallet scraper.
2101Columbia Model 16HF concrete block machine (1990): hydrostatic drive, updated panel, Columbia loader/unloader, Columbia 81 cu. ft. mixer, Columbia rack transfer system, Columbia cuber, pallets, and molds.
2321Columbia Model CPM60 (1988) block machine.. Reconditioned with updated controls.

Used Concrete Block Making Machines & Plants

I have observed in my career, people and companies that are considering purchasing a used concrete block making machine for sale do the research for three reasons. The first reason is they are wanting to replace existing equipment at an affordable price. The second reason is they buyer needs an affordable solution for a new venture or expansion to grow their business. Lastly the buyers budget cannot afford new machinery and is forced to purchase used equipment. In any of the three categories they have one common trait that will always remain the same for any business that purchases concrete machinery. It is vital in understand prior to purchasing concrete equipment you have the experienced people that have the knowledge and understanding in how to operate, maintain, or rebuild used equipment. This will greatly increase your opportunities for success in your business.

I have seen countless occasions when buyers financially trap themselves because they don’t have qualified people trained to understand concrete machinery. Buying on just low price only in the concrete machinery world can lead you into a disaster if you do not understand this industry. In the used concrete block machine industry, unlike many other industries you rarely just press the “GO” button and watch the machinery operate. Well trained people are what make the difference in concrete machinery operating or sitting ideal not making you money. Used concrete block equipment can operate with great performance with well-trained operators. In fact, with good people the age of machinery can mean very little difference in overall performance. This is because of the strength and long last qualities of the machinery in this industry. It is not uncommon to see twenty and thirty-year-old equipment being put back into operation and having very good performance. However, if you neglect to invest in good people your investment will be wasted.

Depending on your delivery time requirements, budget and skill of labor, I offer three levels of equipment choices you can purchase equipment. The different levels can make producers money in several ways. Many business owners often tell me that even with skilled employed workers, the company can often make more money by having the equipment reconditioned or renovated away from their factory. This is because the employees may be working to many hours now and don’t have any additional time available for projects. The concrete building block producers plant may also not have the physical space or the proper tools in their facility to do such a task. The worker can make the company more money for the company operating and managing their existing facility than spending time on rebuilding their own equipment.

One of my most successful customers told me as we walked through his plant a statement I we never forget. “We do what we do best and that is make concrete products, and that is what makes us money. I want my people to focus making quality concrete products at top levels of production efficiency. Nothing else. That is what makes us the most money possible!

Are you ready to find the level your company needs to be, and what it will take to grow your facility to the next level? Below are the levels of equipment conditioning you can purchase individually or as complete plant set ups from me. If you have any questions, please Contact Bill Fleming.

Level I – Totally Reconditioned: Building Block Machinery

Level II – Used in good working order: Building Block Machinery

Level III – Sold as Is: Building Block Machinery

Are you ready to get started?

I can help you in your journey of finding the right concrete block making equipment within your budget that meets all your needs. There are just two simple steps to get started:

  1. The first step is to Contact Bill Fleming, and tell me which level equipment package seems to be the right fit and tell me more about your background and any questions you have about the level you are choosing.
  2. You can also just pick up the phone and call me, so we can discuss the possibilities over the phone. Just dial 314-960-0540. Global Machine Market is located in the Central Standard Time Zone of the USA.

Level I – Totally Reconditioned

The machinery is shipped in from the field or from your existing factory to the rebuilding facility. The machinery is completely dissembled down to the raw frame of the machine, sand blasted. All new component parts, electrical components and new PLC control systems are installed. Any new equipment upgrades are included in the price of the machinery. The machinery is painted, fully tested, certified, looks and operates like brand new equipment, and is packaged ready for shipment.

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This level of reconditioned level 1 equipment packages is often purchased by users that are already in the concrete business and are upgrading their existing concrete products plant facility. Generally, the pricing is 50% to 65% the price of new machinery compared if you were to purchase new from the original manufacturer. In some cases, the machinery is exactly the same equipment including the control systems. Why would any block producer want to buy a new piece of machinery when they could buy reconditioned machinery with factory warranty at a fraction of the cost and still gain the same output production?

What is unique about working with Global Machine from Anyone else?

Our level 1 machine systems have been widely installed and operated internationally in over 80 countries in the world. High growth countries such as the below are very popular destinations for the concrete machinery. In recent years these include Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Guyana, Liberia and many most countries in Africa.

When a person is considering the purchase of a machine system from us I always try to explain to them the benefits and unique differences of working with us over anyone in the world market. I hope these reasons will help you to better understand my company and provide valuable information to help in your journey of choosing our equipment for your needs. If you might be challenged and confused about block machinery systems on the market today there are many major differences. Have suppliers been telling you they make the best machine? They will guarantee the best price in the world? The block industry is simple or just buy our machine and get started today and I can ship to you, no problem? We please read the below and I think you will find the honest answers you are looking to have.

Global Machine Market is a USA company and is real and reputable. My grandfather Harry Fleming family started making concrete machinery in 1943. Three generations later you can pick up the phone and talk to Bill Fleming the owner of the company.

1. Level 1 machines are rebuilt and normally always USA machinery made in North America.

2. Machinery makes concrete products that can exceed ASTM standards in high quality required in the USA.

3. Heavy built machinery that uses less wear parts than most competitive machines built from other parts of the world.

4. Profession Installation men are available to install, assist and train your staff at your location. If anyone tells you their block machine is so simple you don’t need startup training and all you need is their training video they are either nuts or lying to you. All block machinery takes training requires how to install, operate and maintain no matter how big or small of system. The difference with us is we will tell you the truth and make sure you know the challenges in advance so you do have any unforeseen surprises. In doing this you will be saving a lot of money and have machinery you can operate for decades.

5. We help you design a fully profitable building block plant operation and help you with the design and offer suggestions in how to layout the equipment to work the best fit your land space or building.

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6. Unlimited consulting benefit program to help grow your business. After you purchase your machinery we offer a free consulting program where you can talk to directly with Bill Fleming the president of the company on any issues to help grow your business.

7. Personalized mix design, analysis, testing and formulations are available using your sand and rock aggregates before your machinery arrives.

8. Your first concrete products will be saleable and up to USA high quality standards, saving you time, money and reputation in the market.

9. We will help you understand the type and qualities of production people that are needed to operate and maintain this type of plant. This can save you time and a huge amount of money by getting these types of people. The cost of making bad products, having poor production efficiency and expensive production headaches can be prevented by using us in this step.

10. Our people are fluent in English and Spanish. This is important when you need to talk to us for any service questions, parts and future equipment questions in the future.

11. Optional pre-training in the North America factory and visits to operating block making factories before your machine is shipped. This is to ensure your operators have hands on training in all aspects of a block making business. This will include learning how to make concrete products, daily operational plant procedures, operational maintenance procedures and much more. On the same trip you can have the benefit of being training on the actual machine company you purchased. You will be able to inspect the machinery prior to shipment and meet the full staff of people that will be working with you in the future. The goal is to back home to your site and already be 80% pre-trained before your machine arrives at your site. This will save and make you more money than anything I can recommend for you to save money and ensure your business success before the service technician arrives.

12. You will know in advance of signing any purchase agreement the total cost of the machinery. Included in that total we will also see the service and installation cost and shipment cost landed to the shipping port of your choice.

13. Depending on your weather conditions, availability to local parts and distance from any access to cities or airports in the world we will put together a customized recommended spare parts list for one year’s running operation of the machinery

Level II – Used in good working order

The machinery is disassembled and shipped back to rebuilding facility where the equipment is reworked and supplied in good used working condition. Any obvious parts that need to be repaired or replaced are done to make machinery fully operational. Equipment is fully tested, steam cleaned, repainted and ready for shipment. No upgrades are made to the machinery or no new electrical controls are added to the machinery.

We can discuss on a case by case basis based regarding the equipment and state and explain that mechanical upgrades and electrical controls that may be available. These items will have to be discussed in detail and priced once the equipment is in the rebuilding shop. Once the machinery is being inspected we will know the exact condition of the equipment and advice you the best solution.

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The advantage for you as the buyer is the security and easy of mind to come in and inspect the equipment prior to shipment. You will know the equipment functions and machinery works well because the concrete machinery will be dry cycled before your eyes and before being is dismantled for shipment.

Level III- Sold as Is

The machinery is supplied and sold to you located from its original location and client is responsible for machinery condition. Sold as is, means you are totally responsible for the current condition of the machinery with no guarantees of performance or operating condition. What you see is in pictures or on your personal sight visit is what you are purchasing.

Add picture With full name and condition

I do offer prices to disassemble the used equipment from of the existing plant and load onto your trucks or into containers. In addition, service people can be scheduled to assist and take charge to reinstalling the equipment at your location for a daily rate. You will be responsible for daily rate, air fare, hotel and food. Complete plant set ups with all the accessory items are available to go along with the production facility. I can supply and manage the details for supplying you batching equipment, mixing, batching systems, product pallets, racks and building block molds.

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Generally, I only recommend people and users that are currently in the concrete industry purchase Level 3 as is equipment unless they have the very knowledgeable people to service and understand the challenges of used equipment discussed. When concrete machinery is sold “As Is” the equipment is rarely in the condition you can just start operating unless some rebuilding is done to the equipment.

However, the nice advantage of this level choice is you can actually schedule in advance to go inspect the equipment with us and see in person what you will be purchasing. I always recommended to inspect equipment in person to limit any confusion and know exactly what you are purchasing.

Compared to purchasing new persion building block making equipment deliveries can be a matter of weeks instead of many months. International customs duties can also be extremely low compared to new equipment cost.

The savings can be tremendous if you find the right equipment, at the right time. Some situations can be highly advantage to consider with very little risk.

I can help you get a total turnkey solution, including installation, by supplying an operation that is up and operating utilizing either all new equipment, or a combination of new, used and renovated equipment to fit you budget and time frame. The end result is a complete operating plant that is up and operating economically and to capacity.

Please review the materials and email me at or give me a call at 314-960-0540.

I cordially invite you to call me so we might be able to set up plant tours of equipment in operation similar to what you are considering if not the exact machinery itself. We can also layout plant options for your operation. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Have a great week.

To Your Success,
Concrete Block Machines & Plants (1)
Bill Fleming
Global Machine Market
Overland Park, Kansas, 66212 USA
Office: 314-960-0540
Cell: 314-960-0540
Skype: GlobalMachineMarket

Concrete Block Machines & Plants (2024)


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