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What is F-List?

F-list is community dedicated to adult creative writing and roleplay. F-List provides free to make 'character' pages which have a pre-defined format to make it quick and easy to understand important things about each character. Profiles are searchable our robust and powerful search engine. Any criteria can be searched as well as every text field written by each user. This allows users to find the right roleplay partners quickly and easily. F-List features a fully-featured and active chat system with over 8,000 users online at any given moment. F-Chat is designed specifically for real-time roleplay and writing with everything you need built right into the online client.

F-Chat offers large public channels for general chatter and finding roleplays as well as private messages for one-on-one discussion. In addition, users can create private rooms and choose who can access the space. Along with this, F-Chat provides a robust set of tools to help make finding writing partners a breeze.

F-list does not discriminate against any particular character for any reason. Even those with interests typically considered more taboo have a strong representation on F-list, with both furry and human characters alike present in strong numbers.


F-List's rules can be found here.

All users should be familiar with these rules, as they help F-List focus on being the best adult creative writing site online. Not complying with these rules means that a member of staff may contact you to issue a warning, or take other action as needed.


More Profile help: Guide: Character Profiles | List of BBCode tags | Smileys


Profiles represent characters and display information about those characters to other people who might like to roleplay or write a scene with them. A single account can have multiple profiles, each representing a different character or group of characters. Your account name will never be visible to anyone; only the names on your character profiles. It is up to you if your profiles are visibly linked to each other, or if each of your characters stands alone.

Anywhere on the site that you can communicate with others, you must choose which character's profile you want to use for that communication: you can log into F-Chat as a specific character or send a note as a character. A character profile can be "bookmarked" or "friended" by other users.

Filling Out a Profile

The first step in making a new profile is to select a name for the character. It cannot be a name currently in use, so it may take a couple of tries to get one that's avalible. Once you select a name, it's yours to use. The name of a profile should be the name of the character. Don't use your real name!

From here on out, you'll be taken to a new character page where you can add a description, an avatar image, contact information, and specific details about your character. It's important to put something in the description box, to give people some idea of what you're looking for and what they can expect if they contact you! What you write in your description is up to you (it can be either an in-character description of your character, or an out-of-character description of the sorts of scenes you want to use this profile for), but it's a good idea to write something. Even if you don't have much, put down what you have. Blank profiles don't give other users any way to decide if they want to roleplay with that character.

In addition to the above, your character page houses a built-in gallery for images. Should you choose to upload any images, do take some care in what images you choose. Please do not post photographs of things that are illegal and do not infringe on the copyrights of other artists. They have every right to request that your avatar or pictures be taken down if you decide to use one one of their (copyrighted) images. In addition, please don't upload any images of your real life self.

Lastly, each profile has a section for specific kinks your character is interested in. Fill out as much as you're comfortable with so other people can find you via the search. Don't feel pressured to fill them all out, but don't feel so relaxed that you don't fill out any at all! Anything you know you have a preference for or against, you should probably fill out. If you don't care or don't know, leave it blank.

F-List profiles can be overwhelming at first! If you aren't sure about something, don't worry about leaving it blank. No fields are mandatory except the profile name. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The community on F-List is generally happy to offer newcomers advice!

Tracking Profiles

You have two ways to keep track of people you like and have an interest in role-playing with, bookmarks and friends.


Bookmarks are just like in-site versions of bookmarks in your browser, simply allowing you to keep a list of characters that you have an interest in and get updated when they change their profile. You can view them when you're on the front page and click the appropriate button on the left. Note however, it is not possible to view the people who are bookmarking your characters, just as they can't see that you've bookmarked one of theirs.


You can also add someone as a friend! You do this by going to their profile and clicking the brightly-colored '+friend' button on the top right. When/if you do, they will get sent a request that tells them that you want to be friends with them, and if they accept, you can see when the other person is (roughly) online! This also additionally displays them as 'friends' in f-chat. Friends of your characters will show up distinctly in F-Chat.


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F-Chat 1.0 | F-Chat 2.0 | F-Chat 3.0 | F-Chat Pidgin/Adium Plugin | slimCat | Official List of Third-Party Clients | Rules for Chat Bots

For Users

F-Chat Command Reference | List of BBCode Tags | Smileys | Chat Help | Chat Troubleshooting | Websockets Troubleshooting | Chat Rules | F-Chat Official Channels

For Developers

Protocol | Error Codes | Client Commands | Server Commands | JSON Endpoints


F-chat is a chat application designed exclusively with F-list's needs and demands in mind. There is full integration with your characters and the service, allowing you to search for characters with certain properties and interests within the application itself, and get results of actual F-list profiles. Be mindful of the rules, though.

How to use/Interface

To join F-Chat, you'll need to choose a client first.

  • To join F-Chat right from the web, navigate here to use F-Chat 2.0
  • If you would rather use a desktop application to access F-Chat, navigate to F-Chat 3.0 to learn more and download the client!

The interface of F-Chat depends on the client you are using.

  • Click here for information on F-Chat 2.0, the webclient
  • Click here for information on F-Chat 3.0, the downloadable client

In general, each client has a list of channels, a text box, and a list of online users. If you need help or aren't sure what client you are using, join the helpdesk channel by typing /join Helpdesk into the text box. Ask your question here and a helpful user will be around shortly!


Your status is represented by the little colored icon beside your name. It may be: Online, Looking (for roleplay), Busy, Away, or Do Not Disturb (DND).
To change your status, either use client command Set Status or utilize your client's status interface.

Channels and PMs

You have may noticed that there are two kinds of Channels - official rooms and private rooms. Official channels are globally-moderated by the staff of F-list to keep order and ensure that no one in the channel is breaking any site or channel rules. Remember that each channel might have its own rules in addition to the site rules. You can find information about each room in the channel description at the top of the chat window.

Un-official channels chose their own moderators and their own rules. Note that even private rooms still must follow F-List rules as a whole. Un-official channels represent community interests and are not organized/selected by any staff member. Un-official rooms can be "public" or "private". Public rooms can be joined by anyone, whereas private rooms require an invitation to join.

You may also engage in 1:1 conversations with other connected users of F-chat. These are called private messages. While F-List staff does not and will not monitor private messages, users can still report content within private messages to site-staff, so please make sure to follow the rules!


F-List moderators come in many forms.

Site Staff

Global Moderators and Official Channel Operators are members of site-staff. These users have been selected by F-List to represent the site and enforce the site's rules. All site staff members have special badges on their profile so you can tell they are who they say they are.

  • Global Moderators, indicated by a gem icon by their name, are the highest level of in-chat moderation. They handle all events related to chat in all channels.
  • Official Channel Moderators, indicated by a star icon by their name (sometimes a red gem), are similar to Global moderators but specifically oversee certain channels in chat.

Note that official site staff tend to be very busy, but most are very open to PMs should you have any questions!

Private Room Mods

Private room moderators are moderators for a specific private room. They are not site staff, do not represent F-List, and cannot assist in any way outside of their channels. Since they are not site staff members, they cannot assist it sitewide matters. If you have an issue in a private room, it is best to contact a private room moderator first.

Reporting a problem in chat

If you need to report a specific person for breaking the site or official channel rules, right-click on their name and click on 'report'. You'll be asked to input some simple information, and a moderator will handle the issue appropriately. Moderators may reach out to you if need be, but not all reports will get direct responses. If it is at all possible, avoid escalating any situations beyond a reasonable level. If someone is causing a situation, it is better to report the issue and let a moderator handle it over trying to handle it yourself. Mods are not there to solve your drama.

Please note, the report system is meant for site-wide rules or official channel rules only. - If you would like to report someone breaking the rules of a private channel, please contact the private channel moderators.


General Commands

/me <action(s)>
Displays a post as an 'in-character' post - it will be italic by default, and your character's name will be prefixed by an asterisk (*). The colon normally separating your character's name and the text is dropped.

Removes all text in the main display screen, 'clearing' the logs.

/roll xdn
Rolls x number of n-sided dice.

Closes the currently active tab.

/priv <character name>
Opens a private-message channel with the character name you input. Can only be used on characters actively connected to f-chat.

/ignore <character name>
Adds the character to your ignore list. That character will not be able to message your character after this command is sent to the server. Recent changes have made chat ignores also block notes from all characters on the ignored character's account.

/unignore <character name>
Removes the character from your ignore list. That character will be able to once again message your character after this command is sent to the server.

hows a list of characters that are ignored by your character.

/profile <character name>
Shows a 'mini-profile' of that character.

/kinks <character name>
Shows all of that character's custom fetishes.

Gives a channel's code, allowing it to be linked to and advertised.

Channel Commands

Displays all public channels which can be joined. The 'channels' button at the top does the same, only with additional options, such as private channels, and creating a channel. Click on a channel name to join it.

/join <channel>
Joins a channel.

Displays all characters online in the current channel

Displays all users connected to F-chat.

Private Channel Commands

/makeroom <name>
Creates a private, invite-only room with the specified name. Must be unique.

/invite <name>
Invites a person to the channel you are currently in.

Turns your private room into an unofficial channel, which is added to the unoffical channel roster and can be joined by anyone without an invitation.

Turns your unofficial channel into a private room once more.

/kick <name>
Kicks a character out of your room.

For other commands, click the 'help' button in F-chat and then click on 'commands'. The list is more comprehensive there. These are just commonly-used commands.

Getting Help

F-list is a vast website with much to explore. At some point or another, you might need some help.

  • First thing's first, your question might be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, so check there before continuing.
  • If you are having an issue with anything on the site not related to F-chat, or if you can't connect to F-chat itself, you can reach out to our offline helpdesk. Click here and choose the appropriate topic to file a ticket.
  • If you are having issues with F-chat (but can connect to it), you'll want to ask our live Helpdesk chat channel. You can join this channel by typing /join helpdesk in the textbox. Once in the helpdesk channel, ask your question and a helpful soul will be around soon to help!
  • If you really aren't sure where to get help from, or if you just have some questions, our helpdesk chat channel is always available. You can join this channel by typing /join helpdesk in the textbox.

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