Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (2024)

This is my guide, about things that are commonly asked on the skyblock community help sub-section. I'll cover pretty much all the commonly asked questions, and answer them as best as I can! Please ask if you need any extra help that this guide could not tell you, and I'll add it! This thread will be updated every other week if need be, thanks and let's begin!

Table Of Contents

How do I make money?
What stage of the game am I?
I got hacked! What do I do?
What should I do?
Where can I find x item?
How do I kill enderman slayer?

How do I make money?

In skyblock there are pretty much infinite money-making methods, but there are a few that generally always make a consistent amount with minimal setups, and times. I'll be putting these money methods from easiest to hardest to set up. Note! There are already many money-making method guides already on the forums mine are just quick simple ones you can easily look up. If you want more in-depth guides you may want to check elsewhere!

This MMM is very easy to setup not needing much gear for a basic setup, all you need is to deal 13k damage and have decent speed to max your efficiency. You can pretty easily hit both of these with a full set of young dragon all reforged to fierce, and a god pot. You may also want to use a pet like an enderman pet or an endermite. This money-making method can also be used later on with a much more expensive setup in the bruiser area, with a hyperion mythic enderman pet. With basic stuff this money-making method can make around 2-4mil per hour

This method is pretty much just like the zealot method but instead, you kill automatons. These will drop robot parts that we can sell for a decent bit of money on ah. This setup can be a little more costly since we now need to do 23k damage per hit, and want to get magic find. To get these you want a decent talisman bag (300-400mp should suffice) and use a griffin pet. The griffin pet is nice since it gives both strength and crit damage, but also magic find. This setup also takes HOTM 3 which is fairly easy to get if you do your daily commissions in the dwarven mines. This method can make anywhere from 2-6mil per hour.

I won't go into too much detail in this money-making method, but pretty much you want to buy low and sell high. There are many forms of AH flipping them being, Craft Flips, Bin to Bin, AH to bin. Some easy ones are craft flipping, a pretty consistent flip is making ornate or florid zombie swords. This method made me about 5mil per hour with a decent purse when I did it. You can also Bin to Bin flip which can make 30m an hour but bin-to-bin flipping isn't normally measured in money per hour.

This money-making method is also a Crystal Hallows based method. This involves going into the section of the crystal hallows called the "Jungle" there are certain structures that spawn sludges and can make a decent bit of money. While this method has died since when it was really good it still can make around 2m an hour. It's preferred to have a weapon like the aspect of the dragons or spirit scepter so you can kill multiple at once.

This method consists of breaking the ender nodes ( the endstone that has the particles). You just need to run around breaking these and killing the mites that spawn. This method can make around 3mil per hour! This method is especially nice because it takes barely any time to setup, and pretty much no gear requirement.

I know I already put this in, but I'll put it in medium also because it might take some time to get used to so I'll also put it in medium. There are many forms of AH flipping them being, Craft Flips, Bin to Bin, AH to bin. Some easy ones are craft flipping, a pretty consistent flip is making ornate or florid zombie swords. This method made me about 5mil per hour with a decent purse when I did it. You can also Bin to Bin flip which can make 30m an hour but bin-to-bin flipping isn't normally measured in money per hour.

Now this is where the methods get a bit harder. This one requires you to use your brain, and pay attention to the boss the whole time. The setup for enderman slayer also costs a lot more needing many more items, and skills unlocked. The recommended minimum gear you want to start doing t3s with is: 10k kill final destination, Voidedge, Epic enderman pet lvl 80-100, Wand of Atotoment, Rev 8, Manaflux, OPTIONAL: Fire vel ( useful for hitsphase), and summons (tank zombies or wither specters, also good for hitsphase). This method can make anywhere from 2m per hour by doing lower level enderman slayer (like t3s) or 10-15mil per hour doing t4s. Guide on enderman slayer down below

Kuundra is also more of a midgame money making method in my opinion, you need to have decently tanky gear and stats to survive. This also requires you to find a party of 4. I won't go into what to do in boss, you'll have to look it up on youtube. This method apparently makes 15-30m per hour according to a friend (if this is wrong tell me I'll fix)

This method is where you either queue f1 with nons and go into f7, or use a frag bot (these can be found on the frag bot discord) This involves bloodrushing to bloodroom, and killing the giant then letting yourself be killed. This method can make around 9m per hour if you're using a juju, and up to 15m an hour if you're using a hyperion.

Original guide was made by @Vicious_VI so go thank them!
Edit and improvement ideas by @_Cozmo
Ghost Grinding is a method where you kill ghosts in the Dwarven Mines. Most players who can do this will most likely already know how, but here's a quick rundown.

First, if you can't 1-shot ghosts, this is not a great moneymaking method. It'll take too long for a small amount of profit. The main idea for grinding ghosts is going around hitting ghosts with your sword 1 shotting them. This method also scales a lot with your gear, magic find, and talismans. This method depends too much on those, and therefore I will not present an estimate number for money/hr. Generally, most people expect around 10-15m an hour being able to one shot ghosts and have around 180 magic find. This method is also great for combat exp, but that again depends on how fast you can kill ghosts. Make sure to put excess damage into magic find upgrades. ( always stay over 1mil damaged per hit)

For gear, you want to make sure you can one-shot ghosts. Ideally, you want to "true" one shot (one-shotting without ferocity or crimson armor) but you could use crimson or ferocity if you have to, just don't expect to make much from it. Do not use warden helm it will slow you down and lose you so much profit! Looting and scavenger increase your profits by a large amount, one for all takes that away, don't use soul whip, and don't use warden helm as it will make you very slow.
You want to prioritize prosecute VI over execute, remember to also have sharpness instead of smite. Try to get as many t6/7 books as you can.
Sorrow Armor
Great for extra magic find, but not for combat stats. Do it if you have room to spare with damage
Clover Helmet
If you're just that insane and can use it. It's a great buff to your MF/money/hr but costs stats.

Things you should try if you can't 1-shot ghosts:
Valkyrie Triple Hit
If you're a good cata level and already own a wither blade, this is a very underrated choice. You only need to do around 300k and then flame and venomous will take care of the rest.
Giant's Sword or Dark Claymore
Good 1-hit swords. High damage. That's it. Use t6s to maximize profit.
Golden Dragon
Great pet because you get a lot of combat XP while doing this. Level up a G-Drag for ~600m profit and while that happens you get more magic find, more damage, and it's all-around just a great pet for this. You can also have a 2nd gdrag with XP share for extra profits.
More in-depth guide by @_Cozmo

What stage of the game am I?

A big question asked is, "what stage am I" or "am I late game". This section should hopefully help you find some answers! A big part of game stage is how to measure it. Sometimes people will use skyblock levels, and other times people will use senither weight. A big thing is to not get too hung up on your game stage, do what you find fun or what you want to achieve in this game. Not just get numbers to make you " midgame " or " lategame" (if that's what you want go for it tho!) Skyblock levels doesn't determine game stage very well at all since it also factors in many other things, like the harp, dojo, etc.

Senither weight can be checked on skycrypt. Now I used the most commonly used senither weight game stage, this is all what YOU think is right. ( just don't blow it out of proportion)
Early game - 0-2k weight
Midgame - 2k-7.5k
Lategame - 7.5k - 15k
Endgame - 15k +

Early game 0-90 sb levels
Midgame 90-180 sb levels
Late game 200-269
Endgame 270+

I got hacked! What do I do?

We all make mistakes, maybe that OP flipping mod was too hard to resist or maybe your "friend" sent you a mod. Maybe you just wanted to test out QoL mods. Now your account is hacked and you lost all your stuff, what do you do? Well first you want to uninstall the mod secondly, you want to change your passwords. Most "RATS" (the mod that hacked you) steal your sessionID which isn't the same as a password. Your password should be safe, but you're going to want to be safe and change your Minecraft and Microsoft passwords. The admins won't give you your stuff back " your account is your responsibility", you either have 2 options restart or quit.

Well just like getting ratted, the admins won't give your stuff back. The best thing you can do is to report them to a discord server like SBZ or SBM. This won't get them banned or anything but could help future players avoid these scams.

What should I do at my stage of the game?

Well, really it depends on what YOU want to do. There isn't really ever a "right" thing to do, you could work on skills, slayers, dungeons, mining, money making, etc. These are all things that can help you progress. You want to look at what your profile is lacking, if you haven't done many slayers but you have a decent bit of money, then you probably want to work on slayers, or if you have really good skills but bad networth you might want to money grind.

Remember this is not something you have to follow! These are just some things I recommend you get done so you don't just rush/work on 1 sole thing.

Before doing much you want to make sure you have AT LEAST 400mp if you can ( or close to) if you didn't know MP = magic power, The more magic power you have the more stat boosts you get. These work no matter what armor you're wearing, or the weapon your using. So get them!

Remember to do your daily experiment table!

A floor V completion lets you use the shadow assassin armor, which is quite good for its cost. Now once you get this completion I would highly recommend checking everything off this list before doing too many more dungeons otherwise, you will be a dungeon rusher and your profile will look bad.

Work on your slayers! Rev 8 is very useful, it allows you to access many items such as the AOTS, Warden Helmet, and most importantly 50% more hp regen. Spider slayer 7 is pretty quick, with a mage weapon can take less than an hour, and gives you a free rare talisman the survivor cube. Wolf slayer 6 takes a little longer, but lets you use the mana flux! With all these nice rewards in the process, you will also gain a lot of combat XP making other parts of the game easier!

Once you get everything above this done, you may decide you want to start working on enderman slayer 5 to get the juju shortbow. Enderman slayer guide below!

I have X amount of money what do I spend it on?

Minions are quite helpful, they collect resources, and give XP. Yet a lot of players don't have minions for some reason. Here is a list of minions you might want to get.

These are quite overrated in my opinion, but are still an ok option. They make decent money each day, and give a good amount of mining XP. Overall I wouldn't really use these minions unless you HATE mining, there are minions that make way more money.

These minions are quite better in my opinion that snow minions. They make a good amount of money, they will be pretty stable since people will always need XP for enchanting. Overall these are decent minions to get, and way more worth it IMO than Snow minions

These are what I would 100% recommend if you aren't able to play a lot, and want to make a **** ton of money. These can make like 25mil per day just Afking them. An afking setup does require an f7 completion and a full set of wither armor and daedules axe though.

These are like budget and IMO better snow minions. They make slightly less money than snow minions but give fishing XP. This is great because fishing XP is a pain in the ass and a lot of people don't like fishing manually. Overall a pretty good choice

Where can I find x drop chance? or What's the crafting recipe/requirement for x item?

If your looking for a drop chance, or just how to craft an item. Maybe you even want to just look up some lore! Well, there are 2 places you can go. Number 1.) The Official Skyblock Wiki or Number 2.) The Fandom LINK. Both are very good options and have their different benefits. One of the upsides of the official hypixel wiki is you can know the drop chances and info on there is always accurate, while an upside to the fandom is that fandom seems to get updated faster. Another thing you need to consider is which you prefer honestly, both work great so just choose what you want!

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (1)

Both have some sort of search feature if you want to look up a drop chance of an item just search the item name, and scroll a bit to find the chance. If you want to look up the recipe you can do the same thing. The fandom has a nifty feature where it tell you the craft price of an item.

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (2)

for example, if I wanted to look up the drop chance for the necron's handle I would type "Necron's handle"

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (3)

How do I do Voidglooms? or How do I get enderman 5?

Voidgloom t2s, probably the most popular tier as you'll probably be doing this to get a Juju. This guide will aim just to complete the boss, instead of a quick completion. These items are also just generally good to use, not essentials. You can sub them out for things that also work well.

I'll also rank some items into tiers, ranging from S (must-haves or great additions) to C (low tier additions, not very cost effective)
For gear, I recommend you get Necron's or Frozen Blaze. They are options that allow you to do this tier very comfortably. In case you can't, Shadow Assassin Armor + a crystalized heart is your next best option. You also want to have a God Potion for obvious reasons.

Here's my hotbar when I did this in the video.
1: Voidedge Katana. Pretty simple. This has no hot potato books, gems, and is only reforged to spicy. Also has NO t6 enchants. This is very obtainable. Probably your best weapon for this as the ability is amazing, and you take less damage from endermen.
2: Florid Zombie Sword. B. Wand is better with a crystalized heart but it is almost always great outside of that. Great healing/burst healing item.
3: Mana-Flux. S tier. Mana regen and healing. All in all an amazing item.
4: Necromancy. B tier. Amazing way to blitz through hits phase but not very cost effective. Also require a floor 6 completion
5: Wand of Atonement (highest healing wand you can use). S tier with crystalized heart. A tier without. Put ult wise 5 on this. Great healing item for consistent heal/s.

Honestly, equipment doesn't really matter here. Almost anything works. I recommend the ender set as it's really cheap but if you have good attributes (like me on some of my pieces) just use those.

My pet was an epic enderman that was like level 93. It had a crochet tiger plushie for dps (shelmet if you want) and a skin for drip.

Magical Power/Talismans
Ideally you want to have around 400 magical power at the minimum. 400 is a good baseline. More than 400 is always great, but 400 is a good base line for this. To see which talismans you are missing use the skyhelper discord bot and type /missing.

Just follow the video and try to do what I do tbh. Make sure you're in a clear area where you can destroy the glyphs. I chose that spot because I didn't want people helping me.

If your to lazy to do enderman slayer yourself a good alternative is to buy carries. It's important to know where you're going to buy carries, and how trustworthy it is. Now here are some for sure trustworthy places to buy carries, SBM, Skykings, and SBZ. All of these have their own custom prices, I personally would use SBM just because it's very basic and easy to use. Each t4 carry costs around 2 million coins, and they have the prices listed on their discord. Another place you could buy carries from is your guild, now buying from your guild you want to make sure you trust them and that they won't just scam you.
If you by any chance get scammed go back up in this thread and read the scam section.

What mods are allowed, and what should I use?
I'm actually kind of surprised by people asking what mods are allowed, and what they should use. This is a quick rundown of all the mods I think are needed/wanted for skyblock and the quickest ways to download them.
There are quite a few mods that you want for skyblock here are them

Skytils - Many solvers and QoL features for both dungeons and outside dungeons
NEU- Many QoL features, better GUI, ect
Patcher - Optimization mod to make your game run smoother
Optifine - Optimization mod to make your game run smoother, and lets you use skyblock texture packs
Dungeons Room's mod - A legal dungeon secret waypoint mod, lets you practice and learn secrets

Skyclient, the client that's not really a client. Skyclient is a mod loader that makes downloading mods way faster and easier. It pretty much does all the hard work for you! All you have to do is download skyclient, go to setup choose what mods you want (listed above) and then click the download button. It will then download all these mods and forge for you, and download and put all the mods in the right folder for you.
Skyclient - Link

What power stone/reforge should I use for talisman?

There are many talisman power stones, and they each have their own uses. Here I will put some of the cheaper power stones for early-game players.

The bloody/beating heart power stone gives quite a bit of attack speed which is what makes this reforge a good choice. I would only really recommend this reforge to you if you're an early-game archer struggling with attack speed. Another really useful about this reforge is it's dirt cheap. Each heart costs around 30k, which you need 9 to learn the new reforge closing 270k in total.

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (4)

The Silky/Luxurious spool power stone is a crit damage focus reforge. This reforge can be handy for balancing crit damage to strength. It's important to balance your crit damage to strength to get the most DPS possible. Silky is also really handy for getting more single-hit damage, this can be helpful for a bit of things such as Zealot Bruisers, Ghosts, and Zealots. This reforge costs around 90k per, and since we need 9 of them costs around 810k.

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (5)

The shaded/dark orb is a power stone focusing more on the damage per hit, and not the attack speed. This can be better if you already have enough attack speed, and want more damage. The dark orb costs more though at a cost of 500k per. Now we need 9 of these to learn the power so it costs 4 million coins. The trade-off being doing more damage, but costs way more.

Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (6)



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Guide - [Answers] To Commonly Asked Questions SBCH [UPDATED: 10/25/22] Thanks Tricks! [3.5k+ words] (2024)


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