Is Toledo Public Schools Closed Tomorrow (2024)

1. Closings and Delays | Toledo, Ohio |

  • Weather-related business and school closings, cancellations and delays from WTOL 11 in Toledo, Ohio.

  • Weather-related business and school closings, cancellations and delays from WTOL 11 in Toledo, Ohio

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  • There is still time to enroll your student at TPS.

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  • Toledo Public Schools, Toledo, Ohio. 22286 likes · 1046 talking about this. Toledo Public Schools' mission is to produce competitive college and career...

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5. Closings - WTVG

Closings - WTVG

6. School Closure Procedures - Toledo School District

  • Toledo School District avoids closing school after student arrival because of the possibility of children going home to locked houses, but will do so under ...

  •      Winter weather brings with it the possibility of impassable roads and hazardous driving conditions. Occasionally, student safety requires adjustments to school operations. The decision about whether to hold school, start late or cancel is always a difficult one and is made after a careful review of conditions in all parts of the district. Schools will close when it is dangerous to put children and buses on the road. Some of these hazards include snow, freezing rain, wind chill, below-zero temperatures and protracted power outages.      A decision about school operations is made by 5:30 a.m. following a driving tour of the district with special attention to known trouble spots. When the decision to start late or close school is made, local television and radio stations will be notified. In addition, posts will be made to the district Facebook page. If no announcement is made, schools will open as scheduled.      Toledo School District avoids closing school after student arrival because of the possibility of children going home to locked houses, but will do so under severe emergency conditions that preclude remaining at school. Such closures will be announced over local radio stations, through the TSD phone messaging system and on Facebook and Twitter.      Determining the safest plan for children during inclement weather is ultimately parents’ responsibility, regardless of district operational decisions.      • Winter Snow Routes


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8. School Delays & Closings - Toledo Blade

  • Schools delay, close as morning snow continues in Toledo area. Fri, Mar 10, 2023, 5:19am ; TPS elementary students have two-hour delay Friday. Wed, Oct 13, 2021, ...

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School Delays & Closings - Toledo Blade

9. School Closings and Delays - Washington Local Schools

  • []. Washington Local Schools. 3505 W Lincolnshire Blvd Toledo, OH 43606. Phone: 419-473-8251. Fax: 419-473-8247. School CMS Created by eSchoolView © 2024.

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Is Toledo Public Schools Closed Tomorrow (2024)


Is Toledo Public Schools canceled? ›

No delays or closings.

Is there going to be school tomorrow in Ohio? ›

There are currently no SCHOOL closings to report.

How many schools are in Toledo public schools? ›

Overview of Toledo Public Schools

Toledo Public Schools contains 57 schools and 22,049 students.

Are Wood County Ohio schools closing today? ›

There are no announcements for Wood County.

What level snow emergency is Lucas County? ›

A Level III Emergency is for all roads and streets in Lucas County.

What type of school is Toledo? ›

The University of Toledo is a national, public research university where students obtain a world-class education and become part of a diverse community of leaders committed to improving the human condition in the region and the world.

How cold does it have to be for school to be Cancelled in Ohio? ›

It states on its website that school officials consider closing schools when wind chills drop to a brisk -22 degrees.

How many snow days are schools allowed in Ohio? ›

Most school districts create school schedules that include more than the minimum number of hours so that even when they have to cancel school because of dangerous weather or other issues, they still meet the state's minimum hour requirements. This means there is no set number of allowable snow days in Ohio.

How long is school in Ohio? ›

NOTES: The 182-day school year may include up to five "calamity" days, up to four days a school was closed a half-day early for parent-teacher conferences or reporting periods, and up to two days for teacher professional meetings. The five-hour school day may include two 15-minute recesses for grades 1 to 6.

What is the oldest school in Toledo? ›

La Grange School opened in 1851 and was the oldest elementary school. This 1877 class photo of Lagrange School students is one of the oldest original pictures we have in our collection. The school was rebuilt in 1895 and again in 1974.

How big is Toledo High School? ›

The student population of De Toledo High School is 394. The school's student-teacher ratio is 6:1.

Who is the head of Toledo Public Schools? ›

Dr. Romules Durant - CEO/ Superintendent - Toledo Public Schools | LinkedIn.

Are schools in Ohio closing? ›

No active Closings & Delays match your search.

What Ohio school district is going to 4 days? ›

What would you say to the idea of a four-day school week? One school district in Ohio is already doing it. The North College Hill district in Hamilton County is using what they call a blended learning schedule. This will be the first school year using the new schedule.

Is there school choice in Ohio? ›

Public School Choice

Ohio allows parents to transfer to traditional public schools outside and within their district via two open enrollment policies. Ohio also has magnet schools.

How many students go to Toledo? ›

Overview. University of Toledo is a public institution that was founded in 1872. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 11,965 (fall 2022), its setting is urban, and the campus size is 1,037 acres.

Is Wayne County School closing and delays? ›

There are no announcements for Wayne County.

What county is Toledo, Ohio in? ›

Lucas County is located in NW Ohio bordered by Lake Erie on the east and the Maumee River on the southeast. The county seat is Toledo.

Are New York schools canceled? ›

There are no closings or delays active in this Spectrum News viewing area.


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