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Mermaids are mysterious and seductive aquatic creatures; who reside in the waters that; surrounds the mystical island of Neverland.

The mermaids first appeared in J. M. Barrie's classic children's novel titled Peter and Wendy published in 1911. They appear in many books and movies based on Peter Pan, as well as in the Disney Fairies books and are usually given a brief cameo appearance; due to having a small but memorable and important part in the story. The mermaids can mostly be found in Neverland's only lagoon where they have; made their turf. They love to pamper themselves and play "mermaid games".

There are 6 mermaids;

  • The 1st blackheaded mermaid is named Lilly. She is 18 years old she has a ponytail and a starfish bra.
  • The 2nd blackheaded mermaid is named Daphne. She is 16 years old she has a ponytail and a seashell bra.
  • The 1st blondeheaded mermaid is named Margret. She is like 17 she has a flower hair later a bun. And a seashell bra.
  • The 2nd blondeheaded mermaid is named Hazel. She is 20 she has curly hair and a boa to cover her chest since she has no seashell bra.
  • The 1st redheaded mermaid Is named Athena. She is 21 years old. She has a ponytail and a seashell bra.
  • The 2nd redheaded mermaid is named Ashlynn. She is 19 years old. she has long hair to cover her chest, later she is wearing a starfish bra.


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The mermaids dwell in the lagoon. They enjoy the company of Peter Pan but they are malevolent towards everyone else, including the fairies and the lost boys. They possess an enchanting beauty but they are offensive and irritating. Whenever someone tries to take a closer look(apart from Peter), they splash them relentlessly. They call humans "mortals", implying that they live forever and can remain young, even when they are away from Neverland. They lounge around in the Mermaid Lagoon without a care in the world. This is also the location of Marooner's Rock. It is not safe for mortals to visit Mermaid Lagoon at night.

They occupy the rock pools and the ocean around Marooners' Rock, and their homes are coral caves beneath the waves. They retire to their caverns at sunset and rising tide, as well as in anticipation of storms.

The mermaids change as the moon turns. They utter strange calls. This maybe the reason why the lagoon is so dangerous at night. Even Peter Pan stays away from these magical water maidens when night falls.

Appearances in Adaptions[]

Disney Peter Pan[]

The mermaids first appear in the 1953 animated movie when Peter Pan takes Wendy to their lagoon to meet them. Wendy is enchanted by their beauty and has always dreamed of seeing and meeting real life mermaids. Wendy watches, or rather spies on them from a safe distance as the mermaids lounge around on rocks to sunbath next to a waterfall, brushing their long hair, admiring their own reflections in the water and also adorning themselves with hair ornaments At first glance, the mermaids are all excited to see that Peter has come back to Neverland and is gracing them with his presence. After Peter says hello to them the mermaids ask him to tell them a story.

As they all gather around him to listen, he begins to tell them about the time he cut off Captain Hook's hand and threw it to the crocodile, but then they notice that he has brought a human girl along. They ask him why she is there, clearly envious and suspicious of Wendy. In an act of jealousy, the mermaids quickly gang up on Wendy and try to pull her into the lagoon with them. The mermaids taunt and mock Wendy and tease her for being in her nightgown. They mercilessly pull on her dress and hair, even ignoring Wendy when she tries to inform them she can't swim. The mermaids continue to deliberately splash her out of spite with their tails causing her to become soaking wet and upset to the point that she pickes up a large sea shell nearby to throw at them in defense. Seeing Wendy is very angry by the mermaid's rude actions, Peter stops her in time, telling her that they were only having fun, to which one mermaid casually replies that they were "We’re only trying to drown her." Suddenly, the entire lagoon becomes dark and gloomy, indicating an evil presence is close by. Sensing danger in the air, Peter looks around and spots Captain Hook and Smee rowing by in a rowboat with the captured Indian princess Tiger Lily. Peter warns Wendy that Hook is coming. Upon overhearing his name, the mermaids scream and become frightened, prompting them to jump back into the water and deep under the lagoon to hide and disappear.

Return to Never Land[]

The mermaids make a cameo in the sequel but don't have a speaking role unlike the previous film. When Peter and Jane are flying in Neverland, they grab her from him and begin dressing her in mermaid clothes. Just as one of them is about to pour water on her head, he scoops her back up and causes the mermaid to pour it on two others.

Peter Pan (2003)[]

The Mermaids are darker, more mysterious creatures in this adaptation. They possess a haunting beauty but their lips hide sharp teeth, their skin is unearthly pale and their webbed hands end in claws.

They speak in clicks, which Peter understands. When Peter and Wendy consult them for information about John and Michael, one of them tries to drag Wendy into the water, but is stopped by Peter. They informed Peter about where Hook was holding John and Michael hostage.


Three mermaids appear briefly in this film where they save Peter Pan (now known as Peter Banning) from drowning after he had accidentally fell off of the Hooks‘s Jolly Roger while attempting to save his two children.

Peter Pan and the Pirates[]

They live in the sea and are most seen at the Mermaids' Lagoon or nearby. They're vain and care for their looks and good appearance. They enjoy playing, joking and having fun and collecting items from the land . From all the humans who live above the water they only like Peter and no-one else. Like Tinkerbell and the fairies, the mermaids are magical. Their singing can hypnotize and lure men to their doom, they can conjure a bubble which can sink or float, make bubbles big enough to supply air for or trap humans and they can command tides, conjure water spouts and manipulate water. Their beautiful voices can mesmerize listeners into a trance.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan[]

These mermaids are beautiful and colorful creatures with the tails of tropical fish. Despite their innocent and lovely appearance, they are dangerous creatures who should not be trifled with. They will grab anyone who comes to the lagoon into the watery depths, even Peter Pan who, in this version, they show no love or fondness towards.

The waters of their lagoon can turn anyone evil and make them the mermaids' slaves. If Peter Pan falls under their spell, all of Neverland will sink below the waves, allowing the mermaids to rule. The mermaids' power does not reach beyond the boundaries of the lagoon. The episode "Peter's Choice" shows that these mermaids are stronger than any mortal and are capable of lifting a metal cage with a girl inside it or a caged fairy and a boulder. A mermaid's kiss can turn a person into a fish.


In "Girl Power" two mermaids try to lure Wendy into the water but she refuses, well aware of their evil motives. Tinkerbell pesters Wendy and the latter accidentally hits her, sending Tinkerbell falling. One mermaid, seeing the fairy fall, and wastes no time in trying to drag her under the water to make her slaved to the mermaid. Fortunately Wendy catches lucky Tink before she hits the water. The mermaids than quit and swam away.

Later in "Alone" Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily set out to gather ingredients for a potion to save Neverland. On of the ingredients is water from the Mermaids' Lagoon. Wendy and Peter distract the mermaids but the blue mermaid notices Tiger Lily taking some of the water and swims in to attack her. The princess manages to leap out of the way before the mermaid can catch her. She than leaves with the water.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates[]

The Mermaids first appeared witnessing Marina giving Izzy surfing lessons in the episode "Surfin' Turf" they do not accompanied Marina and Jake and his crew to save the surf board from Captain Hook. The mermaids make a cameo with Marina in "Jake's Jungle Groove."

The mermaids play a larger role in the episode "Undersea Bucky!" When the light of the mermaid dominated Neptune City vanishes, Marina was called forth to find a solution to the problem. Jake and the crew assist Marina in the search for the fallen pink pearl with the aid of Bucky transforming into a submarine to explore the deep of the Never Sea Captain Hook has other uses for the pink pearl.

The Mermaids make a brief cameo in the episode "The Mermaid's Song" but play a larger role in the episode "Treasure of the Tides" The Mermaids witness the swimming race with Izzy and Lucille the Seal in Mermaid Lagoon. The Mermaids joined Izzy,Marina and Stormy set off to find the "Treasure of the Tides" Captain Hook orders Sharky and Bones to block the lagoon using the Jolly Roger but the two pirates were no match for Lucille who was able slip pass them and recruit the help of two blue whales to force the Jolly Roger out of the way so Izzy and the mermaids could catch up to Hook and Mr. Smee.

While Captain Hook and Mr. Smee tried to keep the lead to the Treasure of the Tides. A large school of Seahorses block the greedy Captain Hook's path. Think to Mr. Smee Hook given idea to keep Izzy and the mermaids at bay spooking the sea creatures toward Izzy and the mermaids Hook could beat them to the treasure. But Hook didn't count on Izzy quick wit like in the (episode "The Seahorse Roundup") Izzy, Marina, and Stormy began to sing a lullaby to calm the seahorses down so they could safely pass. Hook and Smee reached Hidden Cove to findthe Treasure of the Tides Izzy and the mermaids tried to stop Hook but they were powerless to stop him until Jake, Cubby and Skully reach Hidden Cove with Izzy 's Pixie Dust to turn the tide on Hook and Smee.

The mermaids decide to make Izzy an honorary mermaid. Later that night took part in the celebration and the crowning Izzy "Mermaid of the Year". In the episode "Bones' Lucky Doubloon!", Bones tries to prove to Captain Hook that his grandfather doubloon is lucky when he flip it he receives a kiss from a mermaid.

In the episode "Jake's Royal Rescue", Marina was preparing a show for the honor of Queen Coralie, ruler of the Never Sea and queen of the mermaids.The other mermaids were rehearsing a dance for Coralie. The Mermaids are last seen at the end of the episode successfully performing in front of the queen, Jake and his crew.

While the mermaids don't physical appear in the episode "Tick Tock Trap", they are mentioned by Captain Hook as the various victims in his lie to Brewster the Beast Trapper to rid Never Land of Tick-Tock the Crocodile.

Two mermaids makes a non speaking cameo appearance in the episode "Trading Treasures", the mermaids appears at the end of the episode attending Queen Coralie's Fin and Frolic dance party dancing with Marina.

Two mermaids makes a brief cameo in the episode "The Mermaid Queen's Voice", The Mermaids were apart of the audience to Queen Coralie duet with Captain Hook

The mermaids makes a brief cameo in the episode "Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn", Izzy's new friend Cornica, a magical sea unicorn, disappears and Jake suggest they ask the mermaids if they knew where to find her. But Queen Coralie and a few of her subjects didn't believe Izzy's tale. However Stormy was the only one thatbelieves Izzy and decided to accompany Jake and his crew locate Cornica, who has been captured by Captain Hook.

Two mermaids reappears in the episode "A Royal Misunderstanding " , as dancers in Queen Coralie's ballet performances with Marina. But find themselves caught in the middle of a dispute between Queen Coralie and King Crab, fortunately Jake and his crew soon arrive to watch both the crabs race and mermaids dance to suggest both Coralie and King Crab share the beach. However Captain Hook also desired the location for his date with Red Jessica.

The mermaids reappears in the episode "Captain Frost," Captain Hook armed with the magical snowflake gem he stole from Captain Frost arrive at Mermaid Lagoon. Hook threatens to take control the mermaids' treasure, using the snowflake gem's power to freeze the lagoon allowing the captain to retrieve the treasure. However this is short lived once Jake and his crew arrive accompanied by Captain Frost thwart Hook's efforts knocking the treasure back into the lagoon, allowing Marina and the other mermaids to hide it somewhere Hook will never find it.


There are several kinder mermaids in this movie. They are all played by Cara Delevinge. They have long white-blonde hair, pale white skin and long eel-like tails with lacy fins. Their tails are bioluminescent and glow with blue and silver light. Their tails are also electric, making the mermaids the only creatures that the crocodiles fear and the only beings capable of keeping the huge reptiles at bay.

When Peter is dragged underwater by a crocodile, three mermaids sense him and his good heart. They use their powers to frighten the croc and deliver Peter back safely to his companions.

Peter Pan: Adventures in Neverland[]

In the video game the mermaids assists Peter briefly in his quest to find treasure. One of Hook's crew members attack them but they are quickly saved by Peter.

Disney Fairies Series[]

Like in the Disney film these mermaids live in Mermaid Lagoon. They spend much of their time lounging on the rocks, but they also have a beautiful castle within the lagoon, described as being delicate as a goldfish's skeleton.

Never mermaids are extremely beautiful with brightly-colored eyes, scales, and hair. They are scaly all over - even their faces are covered with fine scales. Also, their hands are webbed.

Never mermaids breathe underwater with gills, which they must rest above water occasionally or else they will get sore. They often do this by lounging above the lagoon's surface, but they also have a special air-filled room in their castle, known as the "wind room" for when going to the surface is not an option.

Mermaids are incredibly snobby and will dive into the water when fairies come by. Never mermaids are not curious about other creatures. One of the few non-mermaids they will stay up for is Peter Pan, but that is only because he is the Peter Pan and therefore has snob appeal. Also, he occasionally brings them loot he steals or finds.

Though mermaids speak English quite well, they also have their own language (called Mermish) which has thirty-eight vowels and no consonants. Some never mermaids have names that can only be pronounced in Mermish.

It is not safe to visit Mermaid Lagoon at night, because mermaids sing their most magical songs then. Pirates see dead sea captains, birds fly upside down, and Never fairies turn into bats. Some mermaids have some power over water, as Soop demonstrated by sending a flood to Pixie Hollow.

Mermaid rank is determined by the size of their nautilus shells. The Queen has the biggest one, and other mermaids are not allowed to have one bigger.

Known Neverland Mermaids[]

  • Coral
  • Flip
  • Flop
  • Mara
  • Numi
  • Oola
  • Pah
  • Nalu
  • Sandy
  • Soop
  • Queen Eewee
  • Vides
  • Voona
  • Yooni


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