Peter Pan (2003 character) (2024)

"Ready to lose the other one?"
Peter to James Hook from the 2003 film Peter Pan

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When Peter was a baby, he heard his parents discussing his future as a grown man. Not wanting to grow up, he ran away to Kensington Gardens where he met and lived with the fairies. Eventually, he went to live in the magical island of Neverland with the fairy Tinker Bell. There he created a group from the children who fell out of their prams and were sent to Neverland, calling them the Lost Boys. He appointed himself as their leader.

At a certain point in time he met and fought the pirate Captain Hook. During this fight, Peter cut off Hook's hand and fed it to a crocodile. This caused Hook to develop an insane hatred for Peter. Hook hated Pan's co*cky attitude more than anything, and resolved that he would not rest until he had killed the boy and taken revenge for his lost hand.

On one of Pan's adventures around London, he discovered the Darling family. The Darling's mother, Mary Darling, often told bedtime stories, (usually about princesses) to her children Wendy, John and Michael. Pan and Tinker Bell would visit the Darlings nursery unseen and listen to Mrs. Darling's stories, and then return to Neverland to tell them to the Lost Boys.

One evening the Darlings's nurse and family dog Nana spotted Peter at the window and alerted the children, but they did not find him. Later on in the night Peter entered the nursery for the first time and came to a sleeping Wendy to have a close look at her. Wendy woke up and was astonished by the flying boy while Nana attacked him, dragging Peter's shadow off him while he escaped. The shadow ended up in a drawer while Wendy unsuccessfully tried to find Peter.

The next night, Peter and Tinker Bell waited for Mr. and Mrs. Darling to leave the house and then entered the nursery while the children were asleep. Tink found the shadow and Peter struggled with it while trying to avoid being discovered by the Darling's Aunt Millicent. When the shadow refused to stick, Peter burst into tears of frustration which woke Wendy up.

Powers and Abilities[]

Peter was able to fly without the need for fairy dust and quite easily. He was also immortally young and would be so for as long as he refused to grow up.

Peter's shadow seems to be sentient, having its own mind and being able to exist separated from Peter.

He was also tied to Neverland, as seen when the island was completely frozen over, overcast, and gloomy while Peter was away, but when Peter returned, the sun came out, everything thawed, and spring bloomed. Another example was when a winter storm began when Peter was distraught after Tinker Bell "died", and Captain Hook seemingly recognized that as a sign of Peter's death.

Peter was able to communicate with the magical creatures of Neverland such as the mermaids and fairies.

He was also exceptionally skilled at swordsmanship, as he could fight evenly against Hook, a pirate captain with decades of experience.


Peter had the physique of a thirteen to fourteen year old boy, (as his voice had started to break sounding slightly deeper) with dirty blonde hair, dirty tanned skin, bare feet, shirtless and an eye color that changes from brown to hazel to at times also appearing green. He wore leaves stitched together with vines and thread.


He could be seen as very co*cky and times and harsh. when Wendy and her brothers came to the island and peter found Wendy was harmed he was infuriated and ready to kill whoever did that to her and probably would’ve if Wendy didn’t stop him , he is also shown to be kind at times as for caring for Wendy.



Peter was at first fascinated with Wendy, as a girl and as someone who could tell stories. After a while he began developing feelings for her, something she could not get him to confess; since confessing to have such feelings, for Peter, would mean that he would begin to grow up. Her desire to go back home angered him, as he didn't want her to leave. When Hook taunted him about this and Wendy becoming a grown-up and forgetting him, Peter fell into such a deep despair that he became powerless. Wendy comforted him, saying that she would never forget him and gave him her first kiss, signifying that he would always be her first love. This revived him, and after that he took back to her home where they parted as friends.

Tinker Bell[]

Tinker Bell was Peter's personal fairy companion and his best friend. They were very close, going everywhere together. Despite him breaking his friendship with her, he was fond of her and was devastated when she died, so much so that the seas around Neverland boiled with his grief. Her resurrection made him happy once more, and they remained close friends after that.

Captain Hook[]

While Peter's mutual hatred for Hook was not as intensive as the captain's, it was enough for Peter to desire his death. For Peter, Hook was the perfect example of a miserable grown-up, and as such was his nemesis.

John and Michael[]

Peter was at first forgetful of the boys existence, having been primarily focused on Wendy and saw them as just something to tag along. After a while he managed to remember them, and included them in other fun things with the Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys[]

The Lost Boys were his "men", gallantly fighting for and alongside him against the pirates and the Indians. They treated him as their "father" in their pretends.

Mr. and Mrs. Darling[]

Peter had spiteful feelings against Wendy's parents, as their longing to see their children again made him feel guilty about taking them away.


Sword stance

Peter with a pirate hat


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Peter Pan (2003 character) (2024)


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