10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (2024)

10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (1)

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Starring Johnny Depp as the charismatic outlaw Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies merge medieval high-seas dramas with elements of fantasy, European history, and some cutting-edge visual effects.

If you enjoyed the swashbuckling adventures, charismatic characters, and fantastical elements of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, sail on the high seas as we take you through many more movies to watch. We also provide you with all the information you need to stream them online!

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

This South Korean film is an epic pirate adventure filled with treasure hunts and high-seas action. Much like Pirates of the Caribbean, it blends humor, action, and stunning visuals to create an entertaining pirate tale.


Hook, directed by Steven Spielberg, offers a unique take on the Peter Pan story with Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan returning to Neverland. The film's blend of adventure, fantasy, and memorable characters makes it a perfect fit for fans of pirate escapades.

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

This animated film follows the Pirate Captain and his crew on a quest to win the Pirate of the Year award. Its witty humor and charming animation, combined with a fun-filled pirate adventure, make it a delightful watch for all ages.

Jungle Cruise

Based on a Disneyland ride, just like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a thrilling Amazon adventure. The film's mix of humor, action, and supernatural elements captures the spirit of the Pirates franchise.

Finding Neverland

While not a pirate adventure, Finding Neverland offers a touching exploration of J.M. Barrie’s creation of the fantastical tales of Peter Pan and the Neverland pirates. Johnny Depp’s performance and the film’s magical atmosphere will appeal to fans of whimsical storytelling.

Treasure Island

This classic adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel is a quintessential pirate tale. Treasure Island delivers traditional swashbuckling action, treasure hunts, and the iconic character Long John Silver, making it a must-watch for pirate enthusiasts.

Guardians of the Galaxy

For those who enjoy the mix of humor and adventure in Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy offers a space-faring alternative. The film features a ragtag group of misfits, much like the motley pirate crews, on a mission to save the galaxy.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

This historical Oscar-winning epic follows Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew during the Napoleonic Wars. Master and Commander delivers intense naval battles and a richly detailed seafaring adventure that fans of maritime tales will appreciate.


Directed by Gore Verbinski, who helmed most of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Rango is an animated Western featuring a chameleon who becomes the sheriff of a lawless town. The film’s adventurous spirit and Verbinski’s unique style make it an interesting segue into animation for fans of his work.

Thugs of Hindostan

Set in 1795, this Bollywood epic stars Aamir Khan and follows a band of rebels as they fight against the British East India Company. With its high-stakes battles, colorful characters, and thrilling action, Thugs of Hindostan offers a culturally rich pirate adventure that echoes the grandiosity of the Pirates series.

Where to watch movies like Pirates of the Caribbean online

The list below shows you all the streaming platforms where you can watch, buy or rent these movies online in India. We also provide you with streaming offers and options to watch these movies for free if available!

  1. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (80) 6.1 (4k)


    A gutsy crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, puzzling clues and militant rivals in search of royal gold lost at sea.

    Watch Now

    Subs HD
  2. Hook


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (83) 6.8 (274k)


    The boy who wasn't supposed to grow up—Peter Pan—does just that, becoming a soulless corporate lawyer whose workaholism could cost him his wife and kids. During his trip to see Granny Wendy in London, the vengeful Capt. Hook kidnaps Peter's kids and forces Peter to return to Neverland.

    Watch Now

    Subs HD Subs HD

    ₹69.00 HD ₹120.00 4K

    ₹290.00 4K
  3. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!



    The luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain is a boundlessly enthusiastic, if somewhat less-than-successful, terror of the High Seas. With a rag-tag crew at his side, and seemingly blind to the impossible odds stacked against him, the Captain has one dream: to beat his bitter rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz to the much coveted Pirate of the Year Award. It’s a quest that takes our heroes from the shores of exotic Blood Island to the foggy streets of Victorian London. Along the way they battle a diabolical queen and team up with a haplessly smitten young scientist, but never lose sight of what a pirate loves best: adventure!

    Watch Now

    ₹69.00 HD ₹120.00 HD

    ₹290.00 HD
  4. Jungle Cruise


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (95) 6.6 (214k)


    Dr. Lily Houghton enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff to take her down the Amazon in his dilapidated boat. Together, they search for an ancient tree that holds the power to heal – a discovery that will change the future of medicine.

    Watch Now

    Subs 4K

    ₹100.00 4K ₹119.00 4K

    ₹690.00 4K
  5. Finding Neverland


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (101) 7.7 (212k)


    During a writing slump, playwright J.M. Barrie meets a widow and her four children, all young boys—who soon become an important part of Barrie’s life and the inspiration that lead him to create his masterpiece. Peter Pan.

    Watch Now

    ₹99.00 HD ₹120.00 HD

    ₹690.00 HD
  6. Treasure Island


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (106) 6.9 (9k)


    Enchanted by the idea of locating treasure buried by Captain Flint, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Jim Hawkins charter a sailing voyage to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, a large number of Flint's old pirate crew are aboard the ship, including Long John Silver.

    Watch Now

    ₹119.00 HD
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (109) 8.0 (1m)


    Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser.

    Watch Now

    Subs 4K

    ₹119.00 4K ₹120.00 HD ₹150.00 4K

    ₹690.00 4K
  8. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (116) 7.5 (239k)


    After an abrupt and violent encounter with a French warship inflicts severe damage upon his ship, a captain of the British Royal Navy begins a chase over two oceans to capture or destroy the enemy, though he must weigh his commitment to duty and ferocious pursuit of glory against the safety of his devoted crew, including the ship's thoughtful surgeon, his best friend.

    Watch Now

    ₹120.00 HD ₹149.00 HD

    ₹490.00 HD
  9. Rango


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (121) 7.3 (295k)


    When Rango, a lost family pet, accidentally winds up in the gritty, gun-slinging town of Dirt, the less-than-courageous lizard suddenly finds he stands out. Welcomed as the last hope the town has been waiting for, new Sheriff Rango is forced to play his new role to the hilt.

    Watch Now

    Subs HD

    ₹99.00 HD ₹120.00 4K

    ₹690.00 4K
  10. Thugs of Hindostan


    10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (127) 4.1 (22k)


    After the British company’s officer Clive takes over the kingdom of Mirza, Princess Zafira and Khudabaksh aka Azaad form a band of rebel pirates who swear to defeat the English officer and win their freedom back. The British Company in return, hire the wily thug Firangi track Azaad’s gang and thwart his plans.

    Watch Now

    Subs 4K

    ₹80.00 HD ₹99.00 4K

    ₹90.00 HD
10 Best Movies to Watch If You Loved Pirates of The Caribbean (2024)


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